Why to travel with us?


1. We are travel aficionados


You can buy a tour to Russia through many travel agencies, but you will never get such creative experiences and vibrant memories as you will in our unique tours. We find all the possible interesting things that are special for every region, we visit all places and experience all activities before we offer it to you. And the main thing – our inspiration and passion is for you to enjoy the adventure of a lifetime, leaving you with vibrant memories that you’ll never forget! That is why nobody will do your adventure better than us!

2. We have small groups


We travel only with small groups no more than 12 persons. We really want all participants, including us, to become friends during our adventure. We even hope you’ll continue communication afterwards, or even travel together again in some crazy adventure somewhere in the world!


3. We have a flexible program



Usually we travel in unique places, but even in popular cities we find something new and special, unlike anything else you’ll ever experience! That is why we fill our programs with a maximum of interesting places and cool activities for every trip! We don’t have time-limited tourist buses and boring monotonous excursions. If the group wants to spend more time in some place, to relax, take a walk or to talk a little longer during the dinner sharing the impresions of the day – we will be happy to support you!


4. We have interesting excursions

IMG_3055_800x533It’s no fun to be “lectured” by a tour guide, as they recite dates and facts about a place like an ornate cathedral that’s full of stories beyond who the builder was. Even I would struggle to stay awake and forget most of such a guide’s description! Thus, it is our promise to you to provide a better experience! Every excursion is planned to be engaging, whether it’s the activity you do or the “unknown” story of the place that we’ve uncovered to pass on to you as we admire the sights and fill our cameras! 🙂

5. We try local cuisine and communicate with local people



We really believe that it is impossible to feel the culture and to taste the spirit of a region without talking to the local people and tasting local cuisine. So be ready for new people and new taste sensations.


6. We gain new knowledge and skills

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Very often we will travel to places where people are well known for a particular craft, skill, or a non-traditional method of familiar things. During our trips we try to learn new knowledge and skills. It may be a visit to a small family factory or a specific workshop where the experience is hands-on, or about unique tools or transportation methods, or even something else, depending on the region.


7. We acquaint you with interesting people


Sometimes we will meet indigenous or other interesting people, who will chat, educate, and even inspire us as we get to know them! They may tell us about the traditions in their community, or the stories from their area’s history, or even that individual’s own greatest adventure! 🙂

8. We stay active


We ourselves are too curious for dull, monotonous “relaxation”, so if you want to spend your vacation soaking up the sun on a beach all day, I’m sorry, this won’t be the trip for you. We always try to mix walking around the sights along with different activities as much as is comfortably possible. So be ready to experience new activities! It can be rafting, surfing, horseback riding, snowmobiling, etc. Of course, if you don’t want to try any type of activity, you can decline and enjoy being an observer! However, do not forget that a small portion of adrenaline mixed with beautiful views and the company of good people has never harmed anyone 🙂

9. We support local business


We try to support local businesses, so when it’s possible, we try to avoid global chains of hotels, restaurants and other advertised locations. We sincerely believe that in this way we support local people, tourism development and identity of the places where we go for a journey.


You can go with us in a place we have already visited

If you follow our travels in the internet and would like to repeat some of our adventures, we would be happy to organize your trip and will do our best for you to have an awesome vacation! Or maybe you represent travel company and would like to include one of our tours in your portfolio? We will be happy to make a tour for your customers, or we can also join them with our group! Such trips can be scheduled or unscheduled for private groups by request at any time. To check the list of tours visit Travel Calendar or Individual tours by request pages.


We can prepare a program and a route for you to go to journey alone or we can become your companions

You prefer independent travelling instead of pack-tours but have no free time to plan your trip? Or you want to visit some unusual place, but don’t want or afraid to go alone and can’t find any friends to go with you? Then we will be happy to prepare an interesting program for your trip to have an awesome time! Also we can be your companions in any, even the most crazy trip 😉

If you still have some questions or offers about our travels or new destinations? Then send us a message in social networks or use Contact Form.

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