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Travel to Crimea: 6 days hiking in Crimea Mountains from Sevastopol to see all beauties of this Treasure of Black Sea!

Why is it worth to visit Crimea? Crimea is the region with interesting history which still remembers periods of Greece, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman and Russian Empires. Crimea and its capitel Sevastopol is the area of Russian Military Glory because of cruel battles during World War II. Today Crimea is one of the most controversial regions of new World history. And a lot of people want to come here to ask questions and learn the truth… But Crimea is not only political place! It is an amazing nature, beautiful mountains, warm sea and tender sun. No wonder that Crimea is called “Treasure of Black Sea”! And those of you who travel to Crimea and find this treasure once are risky to leave a piece of their heart in Crimea…


Day 1. Start of hiking tour to Crimea from Sevastopol

  • Our tour starts from Excursion to Taurian Hersonissos (Chersonese) – ancient city and museum under the sky. Chersonese was founded in V century BC by Greek invaders. During the ages this city was under control of the Greeks, Romans and Byzantines. We will learn the history of this city, walk around its streets to touch its ancient ruins and will admire beautiful cliffs of Black Sea coast.
  • Then we will have trekking to Fiolent Cape – one of the beautiful gems of Crimea Peninsula. Fiolent is a piece of paradise with unbelievably beautiful cliffs and a lot of wild and public beaches at the shore of Black Sea. We will visit a local man who have planted a beautiful garden right at the mountain slope. Here we will stay for the night with our camp.
  • In the evening we’ll have campfire, delicious camp food for dinner and long friendly conversations under the stars 🙂

Day 2. Visit Crimea – Balaklava and yachting along the rocky coastline of Crimean Peninsula

  • In the morning we will walk around historical part of Balaklava and visit museum of the city.
  • After that we will move to Kastron hill to see Genoese Fortress Chembalo of 14 century. The beautiful scenery of citadel ruins and its watchtowers still makes to feel power of this ancient city and its warriors. We will have a lunch here with amazing panoramic views of Blalaklava and Aya Cape.
  • When finish our lunch we will have a yachting trip along the cliffs of Crimean Peninsula coast till our second camping point in Ayazma Reserve Park.
  • Here we can swim in the sea, get some tan under the gentle sun of Balaklava and walk around the park. In the evening we’ll have tasty dinner cooked on fire and long chatting with a cup of tasty tea.

Day 3. Trekking to Crimea Mountain Kush-Kaya

  • Today we are going to pass beautiful and scenic trail to the Kush-Kaya Mountain. On the way we will see ruins of Saint Ilya church, blooming peonies, breathtaking rocks and cliffs and very beautiful panoramic view of South Crimea Coast.
  • We will have a lunch at the top of the mountain and then we’ll go through a beautiful forest to the camping point at the foot of the mountain. Then we’ll have dinner near the campfire and healthy sleep under the sky.

Day 4. Exploring Crimean Mountains – hiking to the Sun Temple and Ilyas-Kaya Mountain

  • Trekking to the Sun Temple – one of the most mysterious places of Crimea. We leave our backpacks here and go hiking to the top of the Ilyas-Kaya Mountain. And we can see mountain sheep there if we will be lucky enough!
  • After we descent from the mountain and have a lunch break, we move further through plateau to the forest along old Roman path. We will stay at the forest for this night.

Day 5. Moving to menhirs of Rodnikovoe village and relocation to Eski-Kermen

  • Our first stop for today will be a monument to Soviet partisans who had very cruel battles with Hitler army here during World War II. We will have a stop there to honor memory of Crimean defenders, and after that we will move forward.
  • We will move along the river to beautiful waterfall to have a break there and to take a shower in the waterfall if you wish 😉 Our next stop is Rodnikovoe village and Skelsky menhirs – vertical stone pillars. Purpose of these stones is still unknown.
  • From Rodnikovoe we are moving to touristic base near cave city Eski-Kermen. And finally we get comfort and shower 🙂

Day 6. Travel to Crimea to find its hidden gem – Stone city Eski-Kermen

  • We will have a sightseeing tour around stone city Eski-Kermen which is translated as “stone fortress”. The city was founded in VI century and was a real strong fortress for that period. The city is surrounded by sheer cliffs and narrow passes which lead to the city were guarded by watchtowers and other fortifications. However, the city was defeated in XIII century by the army of Mongols.
  • After exploring Eski-Kermen we are moving back to Sevastopol. Just be ready for long goodbyes, cuddles and love confessions to Crimea – an amazing place that will stay in our hearts for a long time after.

Date of tour:

June 17'th - June 22'th, 2017   400$ / 370€   Available

Prices for this tour for private groups and individual dates:


[:en]Number of participants[:ru]Количество участников[:]

[:en]Price per person[:ru]Цена за 1 участника[:]

[:en]2 persons[:ru]2 человека[:]

[:en]720$ / 680€[:ru]24000 руб[:]

[:en]3-4 persons[:ru]3-4 человека[:]

[:en]550$ / 520€[:ru]18000 руб[:]

[:en]5-6 persons[:ru]5-6 человек[:]

[:en]420$ / 390€[:ru]13500 руб[:]

[:en]7-8 persons[:ru]7-8 человек[:]

[:en]360$ / 330€[:ru]11500 руб[:]

[:en]9-12 persons[:ru]9-12 человек[:]

[:en]330$ / 300€[:ru]9900 руб[:]


  • Date: April 29'th - May 04'th
  • Duration: 6 days / 5 nights
  • Where: Crimea
  • Start: Sevastopol
  • Finish: Sevastopol
  • Fitness level: Medium
  • Required equipment: Backpack, camping tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, plastic bottle for water, thermos for hot tea (optional), hiking cookwear and dishes, rain slicker, cap, comfortable trekking shoes and clothes (change shoes and clothes as well), flashlight, personal hygiene belongings, swimming suite, musical instruments if you want to sing songs around the campfire.
  • Age limits: From 6 to 60 y.o. Till 17 y.o. - only accompanied by adults. From 18 y.o. – independently
  • Language: English. If your group needs translation to another language – please, mention about it when booking.
  • Activities and Excursions: Excursion to Taurian Hersonissos, Fiolent Cape, excursion round Balaklava and city museum, Chembalo Fortress, yachting trip, hiking to Kush-Kaya Mointain, Sun Temple, Ilyas-Kaya Mountain, menhirs of Rodnikovoe village, stone city Eski-Kermen.
  • Always with you: Tanya - our Superguide in Crimea, Russia

Cost of Adventure – from $330 / €300

  • Transfer to Sevastopol after the tour
  • All ground and marine transport
  • Accomodation at the tourist base (hostel) near Eski-Kermen
  • Camp food 3 times a day
  • Excursions and entry fees for visiting parks and reservations
  • All necessary consultations and 24-hours support during the trip
  • English speaking guides. If your group needs translation to another language – please, mention it when booking.
  • Always with you: Tanya - our Superguide in Crimea, Russia
  • Airfare: Your city – Simferopol – Your city
  • Transfer from Simferopol airport to Sevastopol by car – 75$. But you can get from airport to Sevastopol by train or bus (takes around 2 hours)
  • Accomodation in Sevastopol before and after the trip
  • Equipment. If you don’t have your own equipment, we can provide it for extra cost by request. Prices for the whole period of tour are: backpack – 35$, sleeping bag – 35$, tent for 2 persons – 45$, trekking poles – 15$
  • Interpreter to another language (if not Russian/English). If your group needs for translation in your language, please, mention about it when booking
  • Travel medical insurance (if necessary)
  • Visa fees
  • Soft drinks and alcohol
  • Souvenirs, tips and other personal expenses
  • To book a place in the group, you need: 1) To fill the Booking form for us to contact you. 2) After that, to pay a minimum deposit of 30% of tour cost. Please, check our cancelation and refund policy and payment methods here - Guarantee, documents and payment methods. The rest of your fees must be transferred to us no later than 7 days before your arrival.
  • Depending upon weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to make changes in our program, keeping the itinerary action-packed and interesting.

Citizens of these countries have visa-free entrance to Russia for 90 days (or number of days that is in brackets):

Abkhazia, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus (no limits), Bosnia and Herzegovina (30 days), Brazil, Chile, China (only for travelling as a part of official tour group and only for 14 days), Colombia, Cuba (30 days), Ecuador, Fiji, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong (14 days), Israel, Kazakhstan (no limits), Kyrgyzstan (no limits), Macau (30 days), Macedonia (30 days only with invitation voucher that we can do for you), Mauritius (60 days), Moldova (no limits), Mongolia (30 days), Montenegro (30 days), Nauru (14 days), Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Serbia (30 days), Seychelles (30 days), South Korea (60 days), South Ossetia (no limits), Tajikistan (no limits), Thailand (30 days), Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan (no limits), Venezuela.

If you don't have citizenship of any countries above - check our full article How to get Russian visaIf you have diplomatic or other special passport in addition to regular one, you have different visa requirements and periods. Please, contact us via Contact Form to check visa requirements for your case.

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