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3-day travel to visit Russia Golden Ring cities with private guide from Moscow


Yaroslavl oblast is a very beautiful place near Moscow. It is a very old region of Russia filled with Russian history and culture. Old beautiful Russian cities and ancient orthodox monasteries, dynasties of Great Knyazes and Tsars, where triumphal victories and crushing defeats occurred during many wars, great Russian architecture and amazing nature – these are main features of travels to the Yaroslavl region.

This region is like architectural treasure chest! There are a lot of beautiful towns in Russia, but you will not find elsewhere such a dense concentration of beautiful orthodox monasteries, churches and other esteemed regional treasures. Every monastery has its own traditions and keeps its own traditions and unique histories. And there is nothing surprising in the fact, that three of the eight cities of the well-known and popular tourist trail The Golden Ring of Russia are located in Yaroslavl oblast!

After admiring of famous Russian sights in Yaroslavl oblast, we will visit another precious diamond of the Golden Ring of Russia and one of the main spiritual centers of Russian Orthodoxy – Sergiev Posad and Trinity Lavra Monastery!


Day 1. Pereslavl Zalesskiy – the city of monasteries and one of the best places to visit in Russia

  • This morning we will pick you up at the lobby of your hotel and start our tour through the Russia Golden Ring cities of Yaroslavl oblast. On the way we will get acquainted with you and other participants of our tour. I really hope that for these three days we will become a real friendly and fun team 🙂
  • We arrive to one of the most beautiful places in Russia – Pereslavl Zalesskiy and go to explore Nikitskiy Monastery – the first monastery of the city.
  • Then there will be an entertaining program in the stylized ethnical center Russian Park. Here we’ll walk around the park and learn a lot about Russian culture, and, if the tour will be on weekeds, we will have some active games and watch the incendiary show of Pereslavl Cossacks! When the tour is during working days – we can still have individual show of Cossacks for our group for additional price. If you are wondering who they are – this is an ethnic group of freedom-loving warriors, who mostly live in the South of Russia and in Ukraine.
  • After lunch we will see some more beautiful orthodox monasteries and churches and will go to the Plesheevo Lake shore, where we will admire the panoramic view of the lake and have some cool photos!
  • We say Good Bye to Pereslavl Zalesskiy and move on to the amazing city of Rostov Velikiy (Rostov the Great)!
  • On our arrival, we will have a dinner in one of the most atmospheric and tasty fish restaurants of Rostov, where we can try delicious fish from Nero Lake, cooked in traditional recipes.

Day 2. Rostov the Great – one of the most beautiful cities in Golden Ring of Russia

  • This day will be fully dedicated to exploring the treasures of the ancient city Rostov Velikiy! This beautiful city is for sure one of “must visit places” in Russia that you should be sure to see when traveling to Moscow.
  • A lot of people know about Khokhloma, Gzhel or Zhostovo, but not everybody knows about traditional jewelry handcraft – Rostov Finift! We will visit a museum and factory of Finift and also will have a Finift workshop where local gurus will share with us some secrets of their ancient craft.
  • Then we will visit the most valuable treasure of this city – the Kremlin of Rostov which is really one of the most beautiful Kremlins of Russia!
  • Did you know that church bell ringer is a real profession and one person can play up to 12 bells at the same time! We will learn about bells craft and will have a bell workshop from bell ringer of Rostov Kremlin! Also we will feel atmosphere of medieval Russia and have a photo session dressed in clothes of tsars and other noble persons. It should be very entertaining!

Day 3. Visit of Russian Vatican – Sergiev Posad and Trinity Lavra, spiritual center of Orthodox Christianity

  • In the morning we leave Rostov the Great and will move to Sergiev Posad – one of the best places to visit in Russia. On the way we will stop in at a horse stable and will have a horseback riding lesson. Don’t be afraid, it is very easy even if you never tried to do it before. Then we will have a peaceful ride, enjoying the fresh air and the beautiful natural surroundings.
  • After our time with horses we will continue our way to Sergiev Posad where we’ll have a tour around one of the most beautiful orthodox monasteries and important spiritual centers of Russian Orthodoxy – The Trinity Lavra Monastery, a cloister of one of the most respected holy persons in Russian church – Sergiu Radonezhskiy.
  • We finish our tour and it’s time to say good bye… I hope that during this tour we will become real friends and will meet again in Russia, in your country or somewhere else in the world!
  • Russia is huge, wonderful and interesting country which will take your heart forever! So please, check other Tours to Russia with Value Of The Moment if you want to come here again.

Date of tour:

This is a tour for private groups. Any dates are available by request

Prices for this tour for private groups and individual dates:


[:en]Number of participants[:ru]Количество участников[:]

[:en]Price per person[:ru]Цена за 1 участника[:]

[:en]2 persons[:ru]2 человека[:]

[:en]370$ / 350€[:ru]21000 руб[:]

[:en]3-4 persons[:ru]3-4 человека[:]

[:en]320$ / 300€[:ru]18000 руб[:]

[:en]5-6 persons[:ru]5-6 человек[:]

[:en]310$ / 290€[:ru]17000 руб[:]

[:en]7-8 persons[:ru]7-8 человек[:]

[:en]260$ / 240€[:ru]15000 руб[:]

[:en]9-12 persons[:ru]9-12 человек[:]

[:en]240$ / 220€[:ru]13000 руб[:]


  • Duration: 3 days / 2 nights
  • Where: Yaroslavl oblast and Moscow oblast
  • Start: Moscow
  • Finish: Moscow
  • Minimum age: From 6 to 17 y.o. - only accompanied by adults. From 18 y.o. - independently
  • Fitness level: Easy
  • Transportation on the tour: comfortable car or van
  • Language: English / Russian. If your group needs translation to another language - please, mention about it when booking.
  • Entertainments & Excursions: horseback riding, show of Pereslavl Cossacks and active games, ringing bell workshop and finift workshop, walking through the monasteries of Pereslavl Zalesskiy, Rostov the Great and Sergiev Posad, visiting of Rostov Kremlin, visit of traditional Rostov jewelry factory – Finift.
  • Always with you: Dmitry and Ilaria

Cost of Adventure - from $240 / €220


  • Pick-up and delivery to your hotel in Moscow
  • Transportation on the tour
  • Entry fees to attractions and excursions
  • Entertainments: horseback riding, show of Pereslavl Cossacks and active games (for free during weekends, for additional cost during working days), ringing bell workshop and finift workshop.
  • Photos and movie with your adventures in Russia
  • All necessary consultations and 24-hours support during the trip
  • English/Russian speaking guides. If your group needs translation to another language - please, mention it when booking
  • Always with you - Dmitry and Ilaria


  • Interpreter to another language (not Russian/English). If you have a group and you need a translation in your language, please, mention about it when booking
  • Accommodation in Rostov Velikiy (Rostov the Great) for 2 nights
  • Medical insurance if necessary
  • Lunches, dinners and alcohol (approximately $20-30 per day)
  • Souvenirs, tips and other personal expenses
  • Optional activities and experiences that are not mentioned in main program
  • Individual transfers during free time
  • If the tour will be on working days, we can order individual show of Pereslavl Cossacks for our group for additional price of 200$. If it will take place on weekend - we will visit it for free.


  • To book a place in the group, you need: 1) To fill the Booking form for us to contact you. 2) After that, to pay a minimum deposit of 30% of tour cost. Please, check our cancelation and refund policy and payment methods here - Guarantee, documents and payment methods. The rest of your fees must be transferred to us no later than 7 days before your arrival.
  • Depending upon weather conditions and unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to make changes in our program, keeping the itinerary action-packed and interesting.

Citizens of these countries have visa-free entrance to Russia for 90 days (or number of days that is in brackets):

Abkhazia, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus (no limits), Bosnia and Herzegovina (30 days), Brazil, Chile, China (only for travelling as a part of official tour group and only for 14 days), Colombia, Cuba (30 days), Ecuador, Fiji, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Hong Kong (14 days), Israel, Kazakhstan (no limits), Kyrgyzstan (no limits), Macau (30 days), Macedonia (30 days only with invitation voucher that we can do for you), Mauritius (60 days), Moldova (no limits), Mongolia (30 days), Montenegro (30 days), Nauru (14 days), Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Serbia (30 days), Seychelles (30 days), South Korea (60 days), South Ossetia (no limits), Tajikistan (no limits), Thailand (30 days), Ukraine, Uruguay, Uzbekistan (no limits), Venezuela.

If you don't have citizenship of any countries above - check our full article How to get Russian visaIf you have diplomatic or other special passport in addition to regular one, you have different visa requirements and periods. Please, contact us via Contact Form to check visa requirements for your case.

Video of adventures in Russia Golden Ring cities of Yaroslavl oblast!

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