Fishing in Russia, Yamal Peninsula – Russian river, lake fishing, fishing in Kara Sea all year round with guaranteed catch!

Fishing is not just a hobby. It is a life philosophy and a passion 🙂 That is why we offer so many types of fishing in Russia, Yamal Peninsula for you! Yamal region is a wild area and a pure paradise for experienced anglers and those who want to get new experience in fishing! That is why we offer all types of fishing tours in Yamal by request – winter and summer fishing, fishing with nets and with fishing rod, fishing from the shore, from the boat, from the ship – we offer all types of fishing to satisfy your needs and passion! And we promise that you won’t leave Yamal without great guaranteed catch and huge charge of positive emotions 🙂

*All prices are average and need to be clarified. As final price depends of many factors like number of days, number of participants, equipment, transportation, etc.

Perch (bass) and pike fishing in Yamal, Russia in summer and winter

This fishing tour is excellent choice if you want to have some relaxation in the wild nature enjoying really good fishing, or if you travel to Yamal for other purposes and want to have 1-2 days of fishing. This trip can be from 1 day and for 1-12 persons. The price for bass & pike fishing tour starts from 120 USD / 110 EUR per day and depends of number of days, number of participants, season and type of transportation.

Pike, chir, shekur and whitefish fishing in Russia, Yamal with fishing nets

Those of you who want to catch a lot of fish can try our fishing tour by nets! The main feature is a huge guaranteed catch of whitefish (which is also called chir or shekur) with nets and pike fish with fishing rod! The tour duration starts from 1 day and costs from 230 USD / 210 EUR per person per day. This tour can be organized for 1-15 persons.

Grayling and char fishing in Yamal, Russia in Polar Ural mountains

This is a really good fishing tour to the wild nature in the Polar Ural Mountains in Yamal region. A real off-road vehicle “Trekol” will bring you to the place of fishing far from civilization. This tour is reasonable for 3 days minimum and can be prepared for the group of 1-10 persons. The price for this fishing tour is around 320 USD / 290 EUR per day per person.

Yamal, Russia – Fishing in the Kara Sea from the boat or ship for smelt, flounder (flatfish), navaga, cod and char fishes

This is the most far possible fishing area in Yamal. The way from Salekhard to Kara Sea through tundra and without any roads takes one day and is a real adventure itself. So it make sense to organize such fishing tour minimum for 6 days for the groups of 2 – 8 persons. Here you will understand what fishing in the open sea does mean. The options are fishing from the boat with daily returning to the shore in the evening or fishing from the small ship with staying there for the night. Fishing from the boat will cost around 680 USD / 620 EUR per person per day (minimum group of 2 persons) and from the ship from 700 USD / 640 EUR per day per person in case of maximum group of 6 participants.


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