Tours & activities provider in Murmansk region – English speaking Murmansk guide for tours to Teriberka, Aurora Borealis hunting, husky dogs sledding, reindeer and Sami village and other activities.

Murmansk region is the most northern region of Russia. This is a place with stunning northern nature where you can have real winter fun and activities, meet culture of Sami people – indigenous population of Kola Peninsula and enjoy time with funny reindeer and friendly husky dogs! But the most amazing thing that you can see in Murmansk region is Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights – the most beautiful miracle of nature! So if you want to have best winter vacation in your life – come to visit Murmansk and we will do our best for you to have unforgettable trip!


Aurora Borealis (Northern lights) hunting in Murmansk and winter fun – 3 days tour

During this tour you will experience maximum of “must do” things in Murmansk! We will have Murmansk city tour, visit Teriberka, Sami village and reindeers, Husky park and will try real Russian banya with diving in the ice-hole or snow! Also we can have a lot of fun at ski resort or during snowmobile tour if the weather is not very good to visit Teriberka! Get your best emotions and experience from your travel to Murmansk!

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) hunting in Murmansk for 1 night

Northern Lights is a miracle of nature that happens quite often in Murmansk in winter time! And you will never forget the moment you see it first time! So if you visit Murmansk and have one free night to catch Polar Lights – very welcome on board and we will do our best for you to remember this magical night for the rest of your life!

Winter vacation in Murmansk – tour with all possible winter entertainments, 8 days

Do you want to experience real Russian winter and spend winter holidays in Murmansk region? We will be happy to organize your vacation full of new experiences and real winter fun! You will try husky and reindeer sledding, meet culture of Sami people – natives of Kola Peninsula, visit sacred place for Sami people – Seydozero Lake during snowmobile tour and learn the legend about Kuyva – the keeper of Seydozero! And after that you will try real Russian banya with jumping into the ice-hole! And of course, we can’t imagine winter vacation without couple of days at high quality ski-resort! All this time we will admire amazing northern nature and will see the most beautiful miracle of the North – Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights!

Tour from Murmansk to St. Petersburg through Murmansk oblast and Karelia – 12 days

Did you ever dream of a vacation you will never forget in your life? If yes, then we invite you to have a trip of 2000 km (1200 miles) through very beautiful regions – Murmansk oblast and Karelia! The tour will start from Murmansk – heroic city and largest city in the world in the Polar Circle and will finish in St. Petersburg – Golden city of Emperor and the most beautiful city of Russia! During this trip you will learn culture of Sami, Karel and Russian people, try all possible winter entertainments and admire severe, but very beautiful Northern nature! And of course, you will see the Northern Lights – the most precious treasure of Russian North!

City tour Murmansk

Visiting Murmansk for business purposes or maybe visit relatives and friends? Learn more about Murmansk and it’s heroic history! Did you know that Murmansk is the biggest city in the world located in the Polar circle? Or that Murmansk was a heroic city during 3 wars for last 100 years? Learn more interesting facts about Murmansk during our Murmansk city tour!

Visit Teriberka – village at the shore of Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean

Teriberka became a famous place after the Russian movie “Leviathan” that was awarded with Golden Globe award and became famous all around the world! Today Teriberka is a very popular place for different festivals, but a lot of people just come to visit this place to admire beautiful Northern nature and enjoy amazing views of Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights). Teriberka is the edge of the earth – it is the most northern habited village at the shore of Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean! When standing on the shore of Barents Sea and watching the Sea, you understand that there is nothing but Northern Pole in front of you! We offer transfer to Teriberka and excursions around the village and most beautiful places of nature that surround Teriberka and we invite you to visit this place with us!

Sami Village visiting

Sami people are indigenous population of Kola Peninsula and they live in the territory of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Murmansk region now. Sami are hunters, fishermen and reindeer herders and you can learn about their interesting culture and traditions when visiting Sami Village in Murmansk region!

Husky farm visiting and riding husky sleigh

Do you want to meet most friendly dogs in the world? Or maybe you want to try yourself as a musher? In both cases we invite you to visit Husky farm with us and get the charge of positive emotions at least for a month! You will hug and pat them, will take huge amount of photos and selfies and will get at least a dozen of new fur friends 😉

Reindeer sledding in Murmansk

Another traditional northern fun for Murmansk visitors is riding at reindeer pulled sleigh! This is so funny and inspiring that you will love it for sure! You will have some time to pat and take photos with funny reindeer and have exiting reindeer sledding through the beautiful views of Murmansk nature!

Snowmobiling and snowmobile tours in Murmansk region

What can be more exciting then breaking silence of winter forest or tundra with the roar of snowmobile! If you try this entertainment once – you will never forget these emotions and would like to repeat it again and again! We offer all types of snowmobile tours from several hours riding till several days expeditions including tours to Sredniy and Rybachiy Peninsula! Try new emotions and experience which you will remember forever!

Quattro / Quad bike / ATV tours in Murmansk and Kola Peninsula

If you love wild nature and wish to enjoy views of North – we invite you to make a real off-road Quattro-tour with ATV vehicles! You will get splash of adrenaline, unforgettable views of Kola Peninsula and real friends who will join you during our off-road expeditions for one or several days! Visit Sredniy and Ribachiy Peninsula! Explore Murmask region and Russian North with our off-road ATV tours!

Hiking in Khibiny Mountains

Khibiny is one of the oldest mountain complexes in Russia. That is why trekking in Khibiny is the best option for beginners and those who doesn’t search for mountain extreme and super difficult hiking. Here you will enjoy beautiful northern nature, clean water and air which you can drink right from the brook or river and relax from civilization and city rush 🙂

Hiking in Lovozero Tundra Mountains and trekking to Seydozero Lake

Lovozero Tundra is a mountain complex next to Khibiny mountains. Its feature is that Lovozero is a circle of mountains around very beautiful and scenic Seydozero Lake. Trekking to Seydozero means not only beautiful views, but a lot of Sami legends as well, because Seydozero is a sacred place for Sami people where Sami shamans used to go to die before.

Horseback riding in Murmansk and Teriberka

Horse is one of the smartest animals in the world! Every horse has its own character and mood, but if you have some carrots – they will be your friends forever! 😉 We offer unforgettable horseback riding trips to admire the beauty of Teriberka and Murmansk accompanied by these beautiful, smart and graceful animals.

Traditional Russian Banya (sauna) visit

Do you want to experience what does real Russian banya mean? Did you know that in winter time Russians jump in the snow or ice-hole after banya, which make it the most crazy entertainment for foreigners! 😉 Banya is a part of Russian culture, this is a process that need to be done step by step, but every banya lover has his own secrets and special recipes of really good banya. So we invite you to experience this Russian tradition with us!

Murmansk airport transfer, rent of car, van in Murmansk with driver, transfer to Teriberka, around Murmansk region and Kola Peninsula

Transfer around Murmansk region and Kola Peninsula, transfer to or from Murmansk airport, transfer to Teriberka, Lovozero and Kirovsk transfer, rent of car or van in Murmansk for groups from 1 till 16 passengers.

Fishing in the Barents Sea from Teriberka

Fishing from the boat in Barents Sea and Arctic Ocean starting from Teriberka village! We offer fishing for real anglers! One day and multi-day fishing tours to catch plenty of different fish – salmon, trout, charr, grayling, cod, saithe, perch, bass and halibut! Up to 200 kilos (450 pounds) of fish per day during high season! So if you are an angler with real passion of fishing – don’t miss your chance to catch your dream fish in Arctic Ocean!

Snowboarding & skiing in Kirovsk

If you have couple of free days during visit to Murmansk, you can spend this day at Kirovsk ski-resort. We offer you a transfer to Kirovsk to visit high quality ski-resort Bigwood or Kukisvumchorr – the resort for real extremals and professional riders! We will pick you up near your hotel in Murmansk and bring you to Kirovsk. We can wait you there and then bring back to Murmansk same day or leave you in Kirovsk and come back to pick you up later in several days 🙂

Helicopter flights in Murmansk

What can be better than watching the city or some area from the height of bird flight? Only Helicopter flight above Murmansk and Kola Peninsula in the company of good friends 😉 We provide Helicopter flights in Murmansk around the city or the region. We also provide delivering by helicopter to remote areas for fishing and hunting.

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