Beautiful city in Russia Pereslavl Zalesskiy – the city of Golden Ring of Russia and a cradle of Orthodox Christianity.

I like to inspire people by saying: “Never stop travelling, even if it is just a short trip near your home-town. Because sometimes it happens that you find a real treasure just around the corner”. And this idea became our motivation when we decided to explore Yaroslavl Oblast – a place with great ancient history and a spiritual center of Russian Orthodox Christianity. It’s no wonder that 3 of 8 beautiful cities in Russia included in Russia Golden Ring are located in Yaroslavl oblast.

We’ve spent 3 days and visited 3 beautiful cities in Yaroslavl oblast: Pereslavl Zalesskiy, Rostov the Great and Yaroslavl. And we invite you to join our 2 or 3 days tours out of Moscow area when you visit Russia for us to show you all treasures of Yaroslavl oblast, learn Russian history and enjoy traditional food. Also we have a cool video from this tour to Yaroslavl oblast, full of positive emotions and real Russian fun! You can watch it here – Amazing tour from Moscow to Golden Ring of Russia cities with real russian fun

Walking around beautiful city in Russia – one day in Pereslavl Zalesskiy

Beautiful city in Russia Pereslavl Zalesskiy, located in Yaroslavl oblast is for sure one of the most beautiful places in Russia. There are a lot of small and cozy towns in Russia, and Pereslavl, included in famous The Golden Ring of Russia route, is one of them. Just 3 hours by car out from Moscow area and Pereslavl Zalesskiy invites you in Yaroslavl region – very historical and breathtakingly beautiful area of Russia. So even if you visit Russia and Moscow first time, do not hesitate opportunity to travel outside of Moscow to feel real, cozy, historical, orthodox Russia.

It was early morning when we arrived to our first stop – small and friendly Pereslavl Zalesskiy. It is located on the way from Moscow to Yaroslavl and divided by federal road for 2 parts, so when you drive your car through the city, you can see some old buildings mixed with modern shops and offices. And you will never feel the modest beauty and peaceful atmosphere of the city, that is hidden right at the corner, in 50-100 meters from the beaten paths. You know, Pereslavl is not a place which makes you to fall in love with it from the first moments, but when you start to explore this place, it fills your heart with warm and positive emotions.

Walking along the streets, you can see a lot of old historical buildings and make your imagination to bring you for centuries in medieval Russia. You will see how small Emperor Peter I is playing and building his first small fleet on the shore of Plesheevo Lake, here Tsar Ivan IV with his executioner Maluta Skuratov is going to Goritskiy Monastery to pray for their sins, here some young ladies are walking and talking about their girl’s secrets, somebody sells newspapers, somebody is hurrying to church for the morning service. The city lives with its own life.

After walking you can visit a small restaurant and try delicious fish from the lake and other dishes which are made by old traditional recipes.


By the way, about people who hurry to orthodox church – it is still true in our days 🙂 We’ve been in Pereslavl just in the time of morning services in some churches, and there were a lot of people there. People here are very friendly and open-hearted. We talked to them, asked how to get in some places, and all of them were very helpful. You know, I have nothing bad to say about Moscow. It is a big beautiful city, business center, etc. But when you move out of the megapolis to such cozy and beautiful places in Russia, you understand, that people here are different and you really start to feel wide and hospitable Russian soul.

Then we went through the old town part of the town, located near the place of connection of Trubezh river and Plesheevo lake. The area is full of old-fashioned wooden houses with windows, decorated by nalichniks – unique traditional wooden decorated window frames.

From here there are adorable views for the lake and Orthodox Church of the Forty Sebastian’s Martyrs and Plesheevo lake. This area is called Fish Sloboda of Pereslavl Zalesskiy and now it is a beloved place of artists, young couples and photographers.

If you want to see real life when you visit Russia – make a trip out from Moscow area to Yaroslavl oblast and Pereslavl Zalesskiy


Today this beautiful city in Russia which was mighty and rich in past times became a quiet, peaceful and beautiful country place. The city is included in the Golden Ring of Russia and it is attended by thousands of tourists every year, but despite this you will not find here crowds of people. Just turn from the main highway and you will see some beautiful orthodox churches, there are many of them here. You can walk around, listen to the birds singing and admire simple beauty of Russia.

Of course, don’t leave the city till visiting adorable Plesheevo Lake. It is beautiful in all seasons. In winter you can see absolutely flat white area for many kilometers forward or to take a couple lessons of snowkiting. In summer you can to sail the boat, or to make some windsurfing. If you like fishing, you can try to catch “ryapushka” – a unique fish that dwells only in Plesheevo Lake and it always was a delicious dish for many Russian knyazes and tsars. For example, Tsar Ivan IV loved ryapushka very much.

But if you are not a fan of such activities, you just can walk along the shore to listen to the sound of wind and waves, to enjoy the beauty of water or to find famous Sin stone where Slavs did some rituals in paganism time. The name of stone came from the color “siniy”, in Russian means blue, and people say that after raining the stone becomes blue a little. In paganism period it was an altar of Yarilo, god of sun, and people used to bring here gifts and make rituals. It laid on the top of Yarilo hill and Slavs believed this stone is a heart of Yarilo. When Orthodox Christianity came to Russia, stone was rolled down from the hill and now it lays somewhere at the shore of Plesheevo Lake.

One another fun attraction, that appeared couple of years ago here is a Russian Park. This is a park, which was built in traditional Russian style, where you can spend some time to learn about history, traditional ornaments, Russian fairytales, buy traditional souvenirs, etc.


But the most attractive part for us was performance of Cossacks – ethnical group, that is mostly settled in Kuban (Krasnodar oblast of Russia). These guys made our day with their funny games, funny contests, horseback riding and swords performances, etc. They are very kind and funny people with good sense of humor and a lot of energy 🙂 The main thing is that they are not simple actors, but they are real Cossacks, who live in Pereslavl Zalesskiy. So when visiting Pereslavl – try to see their program, you will never regret about it 🙂


Pereslavl Zalesskiy is a very old and beautiful city in Russia, which history starts from 1152, and it is only 5 years younger than Moscow. Also, the main attractions of Pereslavl Zalesskiy are for sure its orthodox monasteries and churches. But I want to ask you about one thing… Please, try to enjoy these places and don’t try to rush along all of them just to check in! You will not have enough time to do this during the day and will not get any satisfaction and pleasure after. In my article History and Monasteries of Pereslavl Zalesskiy, I will tell you about historical facts of the city and will give you a list of really interesting and beautiful monasteries and churches which are worth to visit during one day trip.

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