Moldova (Moldavia)

General information: area, climate and people in Moldova

Capital – Chisinau, area – 33 846 sq. m., population – 3.5 million people. Moldavian Currency: is Moldovan Lei (MDL). Here there is a temperate continental climate with mild short winters and long hot summers. So what else it is important to know about? Of course the best time to visit this country! And of course it is summer time! If more concrete – from May to October. Chisinau is a very green city and in the summer it is most beautiful! A good comfortable time to visit Moldova is from May to October. However, be aware that the summers are quite hot and sometimes the air heats up above 35 degrees. But the best time is between August to October, because in this period a lot of vegetables and fruits are ripen that will become a nice addition during your trip. What can I say about winter in Moldova – it is more like European, short and soft. So to bring too warm fur clothing is not necessary. Official language here is Moldovan, however, the majority of the population speaks Romanian and Russian as well. Also Moldovans quite good understand Italian, because Moldovan language belongs to Roman group of languages. Moldova is multinational country. Here there are – Moldovans, Russians, Ukrainians, Poles, Belorussians, Romanians, Gypsies and Jews. Moldovans are friendly hospitable people who like to eat good food, have fun and drink good wine, which they are well versed. The majority of Moldova’s residents are Orthodox Christians. Residents of Moldova are quite religious, when going out of Chisinau you can see a lot of crucifixions of Christ along the road and in the villages.

Visa information:

For visiting Moldova there is visa-free entry for citizens of Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, EU, USA, Israel, Canada, Switzerland, Turkey and Japan. For Russian citizens entry is by foreign passport, not internal. Citizens of other countries need a visa to get in Moldova.

Customs rules in Moldova:

Without customs fees you can bring to Moldova 5 liters of beer and 2 liters of other alcoholic drinks, 50 cigars, 200 cigarettes, 5 pcs of jewelry made of precious stones and metals (their value doesn’t matter), 1 photo and 1 video cameras and 1 computer. Import and export of national and foreign currency is unlimited, but amounts over EUR 10,000 per person must be declared. It is prohibited to import weapons and ammunition, explosive and poisonous substances, drugs and narcotic medicines, pornography.


in Chisinau there are a lot of hotels, including top world brands. However, despite the fact that Moldova is considered as a cheap country, price for a room in good hotel is more or less the same, as in Europe. Also I recommend to book a room in Chisinau in advance, as there are often a lot of different conferences and sport events. Me personally several times had an experience, that it is not easy to find a good hotel. However, apart from expensive hotels, anyone can find yourself a budget hotel or hostel on the website or to rent an apartment (room) by using the Outside Chisinau, there are no such problems. There are mostly family mini-hotels, and compared with Chisinau, prices are much lower.

Which clothing to take:

Climate in Moldova is temperate continental. Summers are hot (average temperature is about 28, but often rises above 35 degrees), and the best solution will be t-shirts, shorts and other light clothing. Winter in Moldova is short and soft, more like European. So to bring too warm fur clothing is not necessary.

Best time to go to Moldova:

The Best time to visit Moldova is from May to October. Chisinau is a very green city and in the summer it is most beautiful! However, the most welcome time is between August to October, because in this period all vegetables and fruits are matured and they will become a nice bonus to your trip J.

Money and prices in Moldova:

Moldova mostly is not expensive country. Here for small money you can have a nice dinner at the restaurant with a good wine. As for the taxi, so in my opinion taxi in Moldova (including the capital) is the cheapest in Europe.

In Chisinau in addition to dollars and euros, you can easily exchange almost any currency, including Russian rubles, Chinese yuans, Ukrainian hryvnas, British pounds and others. Also here it will not be a problems to pay by card, however, when you visit the restaurant, it is better to clarify about if they accept cards in advance. But if you decide to travel outside of Chisinau, you need to be sure that you have enough of local money – Moldovan LEI (MDL), because to find a cash machine, currency exchange or to bay by card in the small towns can be problematic.