Travel to Yamal – private guide in Salekhard, visit reindeer herders, photo tours, hunting and fishing tours to Yamal, Russia

Tour to Yamal and Salekhard is a unique travel experience for those travelers who want to spend some time with the nature. When visit Yamal you will meet with culture of reindeer herders Khanty and Nenets people who live in tundra and roam with their herds and experience living in herders’ camp far from big cities. Also Yamal is a real treasury of nature! Tundra is full of berries and mushrooms, Yamal forests are full of wild animals for hunters, and its rivers and lakes are the pure pleasure for fishing lovers, because no fisherman leaves Yamal without plenty of fish and positive emotions 🙂 Travel to Yamal and we will do our best to make an unforgettable and exciting vacation here for you!


Ethnical tour to Yamal and visit of reindeer herder’s camp of Nenets and Khanty people (all year round)

Visit Yamal with our ethnical tour is an amazing opportunity to experience a lifestyle of indigenous nomadic reindeer herders of Yamal. Culture and traditions of Khanty and Nenets people are so different with what we see in our regular life that it really blows your mind! During the tour you will go to tundra and will live for several days in real reindeer herders’ camp to meet with their lifestyle, taste traditional food and learn about their crafts. Tour to reindeer herders of Yamal is a unique exciting experience that you will remember forever!

Fishing in Yamal with guaranteed catch (all year round) – guiding, transportation and equipment

Are you a passionate fisherman? Then we advise you to make a fishing tour of your dream to Yamal! Rivers and lakes of Yamal are full of different delicious fish – pike, perch, shekur, grayling, char fishes and many others! We will organize winter and summer fishing, one-day or multiday fishing, with using of fishing rod or net, fishing in rivers and lakes or in the open sea! Upon your request we can do fishing not very far from the city or we can go to absolutely wild areas where even cell phones don’t catch the network (tundra or Ural Mountains). We are ready to make all your fishing dreams come true and we guarantee you will have a lot of positive emotions, excitement and real catch that is not ashamed to tell your friends about!

Hunting on Yamal – guiding, transportation, license and equipment (from September till June)

For hunting lovers we offer hunting tours to Yamal by your preferences during official hunting seasons. Yamal region is full of different wild animals, so we organize trophy hunting for bear, wolf, moose, wolverine or fox, as well as hunting for smaller prey like grouse, partridge, hare, duck and goose. With these hunting tours we provide transportation, experienced guide, license and equipment. After your successful hunting we can prepare a trophy head or skin and send it to you by mail.

Transfer to tundra or Ural Mountains – transportation by snowmobiles, hovercrafts or off-road vehicles Trekol from Salekhard (all year round)

Yamal is the region with wild nature rules, so roads are not everywhere. That is why you can hardly reach any interesting places by car. That is why we offer such service as transportation to tundra or mountains by snowmobiles, off-road vehicles Trekol and hovercrafts.

Excursions and city tour in Salekhard (all year round)

Salekhard is a capital of Yamal region. During our city tour you will learn the history of the city, the meaning of Yamal region for the country in the area of oil and gas industry, you will learn about mammoths – the ancient creatures of Yamal Peninsula and learn about today’s lifestyle and culture of indigenous population.

Trekking / hiking in Ural Mountains (all year round)

Polar Ural is amazing place for trekking and hiking lovers. Ural Mountains have not difficult trails and passes which are very scenic in every season: in winter – the endless snowy landscapes, in spring – flowering and fragrance of tundra herbs and flowers, in summer – huge amount of mushrooms and berries and autumn is a beautiful season when mountains are covered with splashes of different colors! On the way we will see Romantics’ Glacier, Topographers’ Glacier, Dinosaur Mountain, Nephrite Valley and many others.

Rafting on the Sob River in Yamal

Sob is a scenic river flows along the beautiful chain of mountains Rai-Is. This is a perfect place for beginners of rafting who are not ready for extreme rafting yet. The target of rafting on Sob River is relaxation, unity with nature, admiring of beautiful landscapes, fishing, campfires, camping food and long conversations with new friends.

Photo tours in Yamal: Musk-ox photo hunting in Polar Ural Reservation Park

Maybe you are a fan of photography and are dreaming to make breathtaking photos of wild nature? Then we invite you to join our photo tours to Yamal – endless landscapes of tundra, unbelievable views of reindeer herds and herders’ camps and breathtaking views of Northern Lights! You can make a photo shooting of all these places during our regular tours to Yamal, but those of you who are searching for real exotic – we offer you Musk-Ox Photo Shooting Tour. Musk-Ox is an ancient animal of Yamal Peninsula and you can make amazing photos of these amazing animals in their natural habitat with guaranteed result to see musk-ox.

Reindeer Herders’ Festival in Yamal – Salekhard & Aksarka (last Saturday of March & first Saturday of April)

Reindeer Herder Festival is a major event for all indigenous people of the tundra! Every year, the herders from tundra move closer to cities to celebrate their professional holiday in Salekhard and Aksarka to meet with friends, to compete in contests, as well as to share their unique culture with the world, which has remained unchanged through the centuries until the present day. The Nenets and Khanty people make much effort in their preparations for this festival – women wear their most beautiful clothes to show off to friends, whom were last seen the previous year, men decorate their reindeer and narty (traditional Khanty and Nenets sleigh), to boast to their friends. And of course during the festival there will be many interesting things: reindeer sleigh racing, traditional clothing contest, traditional wrestling competition and much more. Competition here is very strong as the main award is highly coveted – a new snowmobile!



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