St. Petersburg & St. Petersburg Region Tours

Saint Petersburg is for sure one of the most beautiful cities of Russia and, so-called Russian Venice! It is the beautiful golden city of Emperor and the most popular touristic destination in Russia! And almost everybody, who comes to Russia visits tis amazing city! But, unfortunately, not everybody knows that St. Petersburg is surrounded by different gorgeous places like ancient Russian cities Pskov and Novgorod the Great, or amazing region Karelia – the land of rivers and lakes and real treasury of Russian Orthodoxy with such diamonds like Valaam and Kizhi! We inspire you to turn off the beaten touristic paths and to join our tours to feel real Russian character and to admire incredible beauty of this region!

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Visit Russia. Winter travel to Karelia (ID-3)

CONTENTS: Tour itinerary Prices, features, dates, inclusions and visa information Video of this adventure Visit Russian North: Amazing Karelia During our adventure we will visit the medieval fortress of Vyborg in Leningrad oblast, which has experienced many battles, several times it was under the control of different warring parties, but it is still remained as a silent witness to the events …

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