Tours to Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a hidden gem of Central Asia that is hidden deep inside of Tien Shan Mountains and usually we don’t know a lot about this country. Kyrgyztans is a country that is covered by mountains for 90% – this fact makes Kyrgyzstan not so good territory for agriculture, but opens breathtaking beauty for all travellers who visit this country 🙂 Everything is very unusual here for regular people from big cities – you can see mountain view almost from every window of the country, and when you leave the city, beauty of Kyrgyz nature just blows your mind! Everything is clean and ecological here – tasty natural food, clean water, clean and fresh air that you want to breath again and again and kind hospitable people who are always happy to share their dinner with a guest of their country 🙂 We invite you to join our unforgettable tour to Kyrgyzstan that will open this Central Asian fairytale and will stay in your heart forever!


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ID15: 9 days, travel to Kyrgyzstan – tour to hospitable and beautiful country of Middle Asia. Explore nature and sights of Kyrgyzstan & Bishkek

CONTENTS: Tour itinerary Prices, features, dates, inclusions and visa information 9 days, visit Kyrgyzstan – tour through Issyk Kul lake & main sights of Kyrgyzstan, trekking in Kyrgyzstan mountains, visit Bishkek & Karakol attractions   Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains and freedom! Kyrgyz people value friendship and family ties, beauty and endless landscapes of their country. Kyrgyzstan tour means …

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