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Siberia – there is something wild and misterious in this word for every foreigner who visits Russia! Yamal region is located in the north-west of Siberia. It is a wild land of endless tundra and eternal frost! Even in summer time ice in the ground doesn’t melt more than 20-30 cm (8-12 inches) that makes this area useless for agriculture. So how people live here and what can you experience in this severe land?

When you come to Yamal, you won’t find popular resorts or luxury service here. But things that you will see and experience will change your life forever, because Yamal is a real paradise for all adventures seakers! Forests and tundra of Yamal are full of wild animals for huntung, lakes and rivers has so much fish that nobody leaves Yamal without great catch! You can do great hiking and rafting here as well, but the real gem of Yamal is a culture and lifestyle of reindeer herders Khanty and Nenets people who are still roaming with their herds around tundra and live how their ancestors did several hundreds years ago!


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Fishing in Russia – Russian fishing tour in Yamal Peninsula (ID 13)

Fishing in Russia, Yamal Peninsula – Russian river, lake fishing, fishing in Kara Sea all year round with guaranteed catch! ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]  Fishing is not just a hobby. It is a life philosophy and a passion 🙂 That is why we offer so many types of fishing in Russia, Yamal Peninsula for you! Yamal region is a …

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ID7: Visit Yamal people Nenets and Khanty & Reindeer Herders Festival in Salekhard and Aksarka, Russia

CONTENTS: Tour itinerary Prices, features, dates, inclusions and visa information Ethnographic tour to Russia – visit Yamal natives Nenets people and The Reindeer Herder’s Festival in Salekhard and Aksarka Yamal is one of the harshest, challenging and interesting regions of Russia. It is very North of our country, vast expanses of tundra and plenty of natural treasures. People here appreciate real …

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