Russian landmarks, attractions and sights of Russia

Russian  landmarks & attractions or what to do and what to see in Russia?

Have you ever been to Russia? Most of people who reply “Yes”, in 90% of cases mean that they visited Moscow or Saint Petersburg. I was born in Russia and live here all my life, but Russia is so huge and different… to be honest, sometimes I’m not 100% sure that I can say that I visited Russia 😀 I visited a lot of amazing places of my country and still keep doing it. If you want to enjoy Russia exploring it through my eyes and emotions, learn about Russian holidays and festivals, Russian food, traditional crafts or culture of indigenous population – visit our Blog About Russia

Russia is really unique country that has 11 time zones, 4 climate zones from Arctic to Subtropics, it has interesting history, beautiful architecture, delicious food and hospitable friendly people. We have all types of landscapes: seas and oceans, rivers and lakes, forests and tundras, mountains and volcanos, big cities and wild untouched nature. We have all world religions – Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and even Pagans in some regions. Russia is more than 100 cultures and nationalities and around 50 official languages. And you will never have enough time to explore it all!

I really love to travel around Russia, my Motherland… But sometimes I think that all my life is not enough to explore all of its beauties… But I think I need to try 😉 Here I want to create a guidebook of Russian sights and interesting places that I visited by myself listed by regions. I don’t want to put here only historical facts and statistics, but I will share with you those emotions that I’ve got in these places, so the list of places here wil be sepplemented from time to time after our travels. If you want to visit Russia with us and see all these places with your own eyes – you can check our Tours to Russia and join one of our journeys. But if you prefer to travel by your own – I advice you to visit Travel Tips Russia page.

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