Nizhniy Novgorod Oblast, Russia

[:ru]Нижегородская область - важный культурный и торговый регион России. Это издревле богатый регион с большим историческим и культурным значением для страны[:en]Nizhniy Novgorod Region is important cultural and trading center of Russia. This is a region with huge historical and cultural value for the country[:]

On the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Volga river is running. At previous times merchants of Nizhny Novgorod were among the richest in Russia. They have built beautiful houses and churches. By the way, views of the river Volga is also stunning in some places 🙂 And Nizhny Novgorod used to be called “the Pocket of Russia”. Here Minin and Pozharsky gathered militia to free Moscow at the Time of Troubles. Here were produced a huge number of military vehicles during the World War II. Today Nizhny Novgorod is an active youth city with great cultural heritage and great number of sights 🙂


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Travel to Russia. One day in Nizhny Novgorod

Two main disappointments of Nizhniy Novgorod 🙂 Some time ago, the fate (read a business trip) have brought me again to this wonderful city at the confluence of the Oka and the Volga rivers. Once I already had opportunity to visit Nizhny Novgorod. Unfortunately I had too little time to walk around the city and explore its famous places. This …

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