Murmansk oblast is the most northern region of Russia! Everything is different and unusual here. In summer – it is polar day, when the sun doesn’t set over the horizon, and in winter – it is a kingdom of polar night when there is no sun at all in the sky! The air here is different, different lanscapes and different people. The nature is very generous here and it shares with a man its treasures: fish, wild meat, herbs, mushrooms and berries. It is easy to breath here and you can drink from almost every creek. It is impossible to love this land just passing through it… But those who stay here to meet closer with it, can see the real beauty of Russian North!

Murmansk region is the area of Russian Military Glory during World War II and a Motherland of such indigenous people like reindeer herders Sami. This region is very different and amazing in every season, but two things stay without changes: here you can feel the harmony with nature and to admire its beauty, and you can get your own portion of adrenaline having a lot of winter and summer active entertainments! Here you can see Aurora norealis or Norhtern Lights – the most beautiful miracle of nature ever!

For us trips to the North became some kind of escape from the rush of big city and a way to get harmony with nature, to get charge of energy and to have some crazy fun and activities!al winter entertainments! So if you like active entertainments and fun, beautiful nature and would like to visit Murmansk oblast, we invite you to join one of our Tours from Murmansk! You can learn about other tours in Russia and other countries, in our Upcoming tours and tours by request.

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