[:ru]Страна безграничной свободы, тысяч велосипедов, тюльпановых полей и прекрасной архитектуры.[:en] The country of endless freedom, thousands of bicycles, tulip fields and great architecture.[:]

So, what do we know about Holland? Yes, this is a country with legalized marijuana and prostitution, but what else? Who knows that Holland is one of the biggest flower suppliers in the world? And the length of cycle paths in Amsterdam is the largest in the world, and they have more bicycles then cars in the city. Besides, Holland is rich with its nature, majestic castles and beautiful towns. That is why the Netherlands is another place on the planet, that is really worth visiting.


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Netherlands. One day in Amsterdam

My brief meeting with Amsterdam Of course, that short time that I had in Amsterdam is extremely not enough to explore the city! I had a connection flight from Moscow to Lisbon with landing in Amsterdam and about 6 hours in order to quickly explore the city. Actually Amsterdam has left strange feelings… on the one hand it is really …

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