Spend 1-2 days in Russian family at Russian Dacha to experience Russian lifestyle, learn Russian traditions and culture and try to cook and eat traditional homemade Russian food

  • Where: Moscow – Obninsk
  • When: Non-scheduled tour – flexible dates by request (1 day or 2 days/1 night)
  • Accommodation: Private room in the house
  • Price: $180 / €170; for kids from 6 to 17 y.o. – $90 / €85, from 0 to 6 – free
  • Language: English / Russian
  • Inclusions: accommodation, food, all entertainments

This tour to visit Russian family is a unique opportunity for people who travel to Russia to understand Russian culture and to see Russian life “from inside” and to live one day like Russian. It is not just a tour in its regular meaning, because here we don’t have strict schedule but you are free to decide what we are going to do during your visit. At the end of this tour you will understand Russian mentality and typical Russian features much more and will get new Russian friends 🙂

First of all we meet you in the morning at the lobby of your hotel in Moscow and go to Russian dacha in Obninsk – small city where my parents live in their own house that can host up to 6 guests.

We won’t go there by car but will use public transport as Russians usually do. We’ll go by metro to the railway station and then will go by train to the city (around 1 hour 40 minutes). If you want and if we will have enough time, we can make a stop in couple of beautiful metro stations to take pictures.

On the way to Obninsk and during other time we will be talking a lot about Russia, Russian culture and traditions, political views, history, Russian mentality and character. We will discuss everything that you want to ask about Russians, for example, why Russians don’t smile or who is a typical Russian man / woman and many other, even most weird things 🙂 Because I really believe that only in this case you can understand typical Russian character 🙂

Visit Russian family to cook traditional Russian food and desserts by Russian recipes

When we arrive to Obninsk, we go home and meet my family, have traditional Russian breakfast and decide what are we going to do next, because we really want you to experience regular day of regular Russian family. What is usually mandatory – is to go to the local market to buy some food and to cook some typical Russian food for lunch / dinner. But if you are a man and not interested in cooking, we can skip cooking process 🙂 Also in Russian culture there are some types of food that only men can cook – shashlik (type of barbecue) or smoked fish and backed potatoes. All of them we cook only in the street on the fire and they all are delicious! Women can cook some soup or main dish and dessert. Recipes are usually random but if you want to learn how to cook exact dish like borsch or syrniki – we can do it. In the evening we will enjoy this delicious Russian food, with vodka or homemade wine tasting, try traditional pickled vegetables and jams.

Activities, excursions & Russian fun during free time

We can spend free time depending of the season and your preferences. Options are below:

Every season:

– excursion to Maloyaroslavets – the city of Russian Military Glory during the War of 1812 year with Napoleon Bonaparte. Here we’ll visit museum and monuments, dedicated to the War of 1812. Then we’ll see the monastery, which became a battlefield for the last battle of Napoleon in Russia. Also we will visit tank museum under the sky with Soviet tanks of World War II period.

– we can go to the park called Ethnical World to see a collection of traditional houses, crafts and other things from different cultures of the world.

– interesting place Berendeevo Kingdom with collection of heroes of Russian fairytales to get funny photos 🙂

– banya (traditional Russian sauna) in the evening. We don’t have banya in our house, so if you want to try – it will be for extra cost (around 50 USD)


– Any winter funs like ice-skating, snowball fighting, making a snowman, snow tubing or walking in the city


– Go to forest for barbecue or to walk around the city


– Easy work in the garden (like collecting vegetables, fruits and berries, watering plants, feeding chickens and collecting eggs), fishing, barbecue in the forest


– Go to the forest for mushroom collecting, collecting berries and fruits to make homemade jam, fishing


Depending on your plans in the evening you can go back to Moscow by train or taxi (around 50 USD) or you can stay with us for the night as our friends and spend with us another day till the evening to do something that we didn’t have time to do during first day. It will not influence the total price 🙂



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