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What is better not to do in Moldova:

It is better not touch the theme of independence of Transnistria.

Despite the fact that most Moldovans are very friendly towards Russia and Russians, separation of Transnistria from Moldova is still unhappy issue for them. Of course, you can ask their opinion and listen to it. If you are a foreigner, then, I think the story will end just with this. However, if you are Russian – be prepared that they will ask for your opinion on this issue too. If you don’t agree with the speaker, you can say about it. And of course, no one will beat you up if you have an opposite opinion, however, this can become an offence for you companion. In General, politics is a not easy sphere and we can’t be 100% sure in some cases. So as for me, it’s better not to touch these conversations at all.

Banks and currency exchange in Moldova

First of all, would like to mention, that situations with banks, currency exchange offices and payment by credit card in Chisinau and other cities of Moldova is completely different. If in Chisinau you can find many banks and exchange offices, and some exchange offices are working till 10-11 pm or 24 hours. Also in Chisinau it is not a problem to pay by card in a big shop, hotel or restaurant. But, before you order something in the restaurant – it is better to check with a stuff first if they accept cards. But if you decided to go out of Chisinau – it is better to have enough cash with you. Big cities have exchange offices too, but if you go to small cities and villages – only local cash, Moldovan Lei (MDL)

Telephone code of Moldova: (+37322)

Transport in Moldova

Public transport in Chisinau

Moldova doesn’t have problems with public transport. There are enough of transport in Chisinau like buses, trolleybuses and minibuses.

Intercity and international buses in Moldova

Intercity and international buses and minibuses leave from North, South and Central bus stations of Chisinau:

1) Northern Bus Station. Address: Chisinau, Calea Moshilor str., 2/1. Tel: (+37322) 411338; (+37322) 439489. To get to the Northern Bus Station of Chisinau: by trolleybus № 9, №13 and №20; by minibus № 107, 109, 113, 173, 191

2) Southern Bus Station. Address: Chisinau, highway Hincesti, 145. Tel: (+37322) 733454; (+37322) 723983. To get to the Southern Bus Station of Chisinau: minibus № 117

3) Central Bus Station. Address: Chisinau, Mitropolit Varlaam str., 58 (mold. Strada Mitropolit Varlam, 58). Tel: (+37322) 542185. To get to the Central Bus Station of Chisinau: minibus № 110, 111, 127, 126

Taxi in Moldova

Taxi in Moldova (including Chisinau) is very cheap. For my opinion it is the cheapest in Europe. One trip in Chisinau will cost you from 25 to 70 lei (2-7 $). Following the link you will find several Taxi Services in Chisinau with ratings and phone numbers.

Chisinau train station.

Intercity and international trains leave from here.

Address: Railway Alley, 1 (mold. Valea Gării, 1). Tel: (+37322) 832733. To get to Chisinau Train station: by minibus № 173, 157, 122, 112, 166, 157, 122, 104, 103; by trolleybus № 1, 19, 17, 4.

Car rental in Chisinau

At the airport and inside of Chisinau there are a lot of options to rent a car from international to the local companies. In local, as usual, prices are cheaper. To rent a car in Chisinau you need only driver’s license and money, as usual, nobody is checking your age and driving experience. To rent a car will cost from 20 to 70 EUR per day, depending on the model and configuration, including insurance. As a rule, when renting a car, a deposit of 50-200 EUR is also required.

Safety in Moldova

In general, Moldova and Chisinau are quite safe for tourists. However, as in any city you need to be vigilant and observe basic precautions. While walking around the city it is recommended to have a passport, because sometimes you may be stopped by the police for documents verification.

Foreign embassies in Chisinau

You can find contact information of foreign embassies following the link Contacts of Foreign Embassies in Moldova.

Emergency Phone Numbers in Moldova

General emergency number________112

Fire Department_________________ 901



Emergency gas service_____________904

Free inquiry service_______________1188

Paid inquiry service_______________1189