Must see, must try, must buy

What to see and visit in Moldova:

– To take a walk around green Chisinau

– To play a game of giant chess near the arch

– To go to Old Orhei and visit the Orthodox Church in the rock, get onto the terrace and admire the views

– To take a tour with tasting in one of the famous  Moldovan wineries: Cricova, Chateu Vartely, Milestii Mici and Purkari

– To visit Soroca – the unofficial capital of the Gypsies in the world. Here you can find a copy of Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre, the Capitol in Washington and much more

– To go to a small village and taste homemade wine

– To visit the vineyard where you can pick grapes and crush it down with your feet like they did it before


What to eat in Moldova:

– National pie Placinta with different fillings

– Traditional soup Zama with chicken, herbs, eggs and sour cream

– A traditional corn porridge Placinta (Hominy)

– Moldavian sarlale the cabbage rolls with grape leaves

– To taste numerous of Moldovan wines and choose your favorite


What to buy in Moldova:

– The best present for friends from Moldova is a wine. Usually people buy these wines: «Negru De Purcari», «Rara Neagra», «Riesling», «Muscat», «Pinot», pink and white port wines and dessert vermouth, the famous “Bouquet of Moldavia”. Or popular “alcoholic” souvenir from Moldova – a set of 30 small bottles with different sorts of local drinks.

– Traditional cotton and linen products with national ornament: dolls, national clothes – skirts, shirts, shawls.

– The products of local potters — a bit “clumsy” pitchers, bowls, glasses covered with colored glazes or in natural color.

– Products made of grapevine: baskets, mats, furniture.