Festivals, events & holidays in Russia

Events, festivals and holidays in Russia during the year in different regions of Russia

Russia is a huge country with plenty of different regions and nationalities. And of course there are a lot of different local and national celebrations here! And we are pleased to share with you the most exciting of them. And who knows, maybe your next trip to Russia willl be dedicated to visit of some specific festival or holiday in Russia 😉


Reindeer Herder Festival in Salekhard (Yamal, Russia) – last Saturday of March. Salekhard


Reindeer Herder Festival in Aksarka (Yamal, Russia) – first Saturday of April. Aksarka (60 km from Salekhard)


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Reindeer Herder Festival in Salekhard and Aksarka (Yamal, Russia)

Why to visit Reindeer Herder Festival in Salekhard (Yamal, Russia)? Where: Salekhard and Aksarka, Yamal, Russia When: last Saturday of March in Salekhard / first Saturday of April in Aksarka There are a lot of different Festivals and holidays in Russia. But Reindeer Herder Festival in Salekhard, Russia is the main event of the year for native nomads of Yamal – …

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